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Name: Laithon

Hometown: Harlem, New York

Height: 6'7

Started Wrestling: 1997

Feds Worked For: LIWF, JAPW, CWF, JCW, ECPW and APW

Titles Held: LIWF Heavyweight (2 years undefeated), LIWF Tag Team Champion (1. w/ Terra X 2. w/ Grim Reefer), LIWF TV Champion, ECPW Tag Team Champion (w/ Kuvatro)

Finisher: Running Senton Bomb

Toughest Opponent: J Train

Most Hated Opponent: Metal Maniac

Favorite Tag Partner: J Lover

Past Feuds: Sal E.

Career Highlight: Wrestling at the ECW Arena

Theme Music: Bone Thugs 'N Harmony, Thug Luv

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